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Nutrinana Bananas

About Us


The Gaia family business consists of parents Michael and Rene, and son and daughter-in-law, Brett and Linda who all contribute to the daily running of our 55 hectare, river-front banana farm.

Originally sugarcane growers, we began diversifying into pawpaws in 1990 and then to bananas in 1992.

We have always had an affinity with the soil, so when sustainable farming came to the fore, we found we were already heading down that path.

We had begun foliar feeding and soil amendment applications in the mid 1990’s then went on to drip and under tree fertigation. Early in 2005, before it was common practice, we began broadcasting compost sourced from Dimbulah and Townsville.

These changes meant that we were not only addressing the issue of nutrient run-off, but also building soil structure, improving the availability of nutrients and lessening the required amount of applied synthetic fertiliser.

Due to the observed benefits and as a result of the sky-rocketing price of fertilizer, we decided to begin producing our own compost late in 2008.

Our raw materials are sourced locally from the waste/by-products of sugar milling, fish and chicken farming and green waste. Through trial and development we have produced a product that we believe compliments the nutritional needs of a wide range of tropical crops.



We use and produce Custom Compost Blends designed specifically to promote healthy soil, plants and fruit.

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