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Nutrinana Bananas   Nutrinana compost blends reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers on banana farms .. promoting healthy soils and fruit!
Nutrinana compost for better fruit
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Healthy Bananas

Nutrinana - Custom compost blends for farming

Nutrinana TM bananas are grown using sustainable systems aimed at achieving environmental best practices as well as incorporating natural farming techniques to improve soil and plant health.

Our bananas are grown under the Freshcare Food Safety and Freshcare Environmental Codes of Practice both of which are certifiable systems. Our goal is to provide a healthy environment for our family, workforce, visitors and neighbours which in turn improves water quality in neighbouring waterways and helps in protecting the Great Barrier Reef. Incorporating natural farming practices allows us to provide consumers with sweet tasting bananas from soils with mineral and biological balance.

Soils which possess both mineral and biological balance promote the uptake of nutrients as well as boosting the plants immune system. This minimises the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals resulting in healthier bananas. It is important that correct supply, without overload of minerals, is available for photosynthesis which in turn provides soil biology with adequate food to ensure the plant is able to take up valuable nutrients.

Look for the Nutrinana bandOur system incorporates an integrated pest management system. Comprehensive fortnightly monitoring takes place. Addressing the cause of problems rather than the symptoms has enabled us to reduce our chemical inputs.

Careful consideration is given to soil health. In all farming practises, inclusion of compost, compost teas and other biological foods (kelp, molasses) are used to balance the soil biologically, improving disease resistance and reduction in synthetic fertilizer inputs.

Our procedures are implemented based on the knowledge and understanding that



Healthy Bananas


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