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Nutri-nana - Custom compost blends for farming   Nutrinana compost blends reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers on banana farms .. promoting healthy soils and fruit!
Nutri-nana compost for better fruit
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Why you should use Nutrinana custom compost blends on your crops!

Applying compost, will help build the organic matter in the soil, which in turn provides a home for the good microbes and allows them to outcompete the bad ones.  

Healthy compost

Compost helps build a healthy soil foodweb.

Applying compost will help to build the soil structure, allowing oxygen into the soil, giving microbes an aerobic environment to work in, stopping the anaerobic denitrification process and allowing nitrification to occur.  

Welcome back worms.

Welcome back earthworms and let them oxygenate the soil for you.

Applying compost, increases infiltration as well as the soils ability to drain as to not remain waterlogged.  

Increases infiltration and the soils ability to drain.

Increases infiltration and the soils ability to drain.

Adding compost, adds humus to the soil, which improves the CEC, which improves the soils ability to hold water and nutrient.   Increase nutrients.

Boost humus content of soil to increase nutrients and water holding capacity.
Compost provides carbon with nitrogen, so existing carbon/organic matter will not be depleted from the soil.   Increase nutrients.

Fine root hairs are the main source of mineral supply for above ground growth and production.
Compost provides nitrogen in a stable organic form, so no losses to the atmosphere through volitization and no leaching through the profile.  

Builds healthy root systems

Build healthy root systems with improved soil structure.

Compost has a broad range of minerals and trace minerals, all provided in a stable, balanced, plant available form, with no overloads. In a slow release form, that promotes plant health with pest resistant benefits.  

Custom blending compost.

Compost contains a broad range of minerals and trace elements such as Boron, Silicon, Calcium, Nitrogen, Magnessium, Phosphorus, carbon and Potassium.

Slow release of a broad range of minerals and trace elements.


Adding beneficial microbes, bacteria & fungi

Good compost supplies essential nutrients to the plant, in a stabilised plant available form.

Custom Compost Blends designed specifically to promote healthy soil, plants and fruit

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Custom blending compost mixes




Healthy, sustainable crops and soils

Nutri-nana - Custom Compost Blends

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