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Nutrinana Bananas   Nutrinana compost blends reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers on banana farms .. promoting healthy soils and fruit!
Nutrinana compost for better fruit
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Healthy Environment

Nutrinana - Custom compost blends for farming

Our focus on soil health is the start of a healthy environment..

Through healthy soils and responsible practises we reduce nutrient leaching and runoff, soil erosion, increase soil organic carbon, improve the soils’ ability to hold water and nutrients as well as increase the plants’ natural resistance to disease.

All of the above qualities are needed for reduction in synthetic fertilizers and chemical intervention.

Being in the Great Barrier Reef catchment, improving the quality of the water leaving the farm is important to us. Nutrinana TM has adopted a proactive approach by undertaking practises aimed at improving water quality and the health of our neighbouring environment. Within the plantation, trafficable rows are slashed rather than sprayed with herbicide. Drains are stabilized with rock or vegetation to reduce soil erosion. Creek banks have been revegetated and wildlife corridors have been introduced to encourage wildlife habitats.

A wetland has been constructed to catch and filter water from the packing shed, compost site and farm run off. Mass plantings of specific native wetland plants are designed to filter the runoff water before leaving the farm.

  • Farm waste is composted and returned to the plantation recycling valuable nutrients.
  • Some of the many processes used in our system include:
  • Regular soil and leaf sampling (balancing minerals)
  • Soil moisture monitoring (too little limits nutrient uptake, too much wastes water and energy)
  • Application of soil conditioners (compost, compost teas, fish emulsion, kelp, molasses)
  • Integrated Pest Management (monitoring beneficial insects)
  • Bunch transportation designed to reduce soil compaction
  • Minimise soil tillage (soil health and structure)

Our system is certified under the Freshcare Environmental Code of Practice. This enables us to document our practices to meet stringent Freshcare requirements for chemical use, fertiliser use, water, soil, land and waste management and biodiversity.


Gaia farms are applying wetland filtering processes to treat runoff and wash plant water, improving water quality to wetlands and the Reef.

Wetland filtering

View the Appraisal of Gaia Farms by the Queensland Wetlands Programme (PDF) CLICK

Wetland filtering


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